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"Working with Impact ensures our packaging looks the same whether it is made in the US or in Asia. Their ability to design packages here but also manufacture in both locations was critical in our decision when choosing a new packaging partner."

Tim Brophy, Brand Manager
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Impact manufactures custom clamshell packaging in the US and in Asia. Our simple pricing structure and outstanding clamshell packaging design consultation are the reasons why we are one of the fastest growing thermo formers of plastic product packaging in the business. All elements from package design to delivery are managed by our American offices, regardless of location. Making great quality thermoformed parts at a competitive price has always been our idea of how product packaging should work. Let us help package your great idea.

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Impact offers over 600 sizes of stock clamshells. Low minimums and off the shelf inventory make stock clamshell packaging a convenient option for products that don't have large volumes or for companies just starting out. We have product package designs that are ideal for cell phone accessories, fishing lures, hardware items, and even memory products. Stock clamshells in combination with our low cost print runs are excellent value and great option for those selling into retail.

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Custom Packaging Trays are used for shipping multiple parts in an organized fashion. These clamshell packaging trays are easy to load, protect the individual product units, and make loading and unloading a very efficient packaging method. Custom Trays are commonly used for electronic or auto parts and can be made in a variety of thermoformed materials. We can thermoform product packaging in many specialty materials like ESD (Static Dissipative) HIPS (Color matched insert trays) and Flocked material (Velvet like coating for gift items). Thermoforming with specialty materials can make a good package great.
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